Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I know him so well

So, by now you all know my hubs. Mr. K. Although I never call him that in real life. I don't know why I ever chose to refer to him as that, but whatever. Whether I like it or not, it's stuck now. It's a blog only nickname.

Well, I've known him for almost five years now and loved him for just a little bit less. I know him pretty well by now and I think I can even prove it. See..

1). He used to say that he didn't really like chocolate. I've found this to be a complete lie. He loves chocolate. But offering him a choice between chocolate and sweets and almost every time he'll take the sweets.
2). He supports Man. Utd and Grimsby Town. But it depends who's asking as to what he says. If he thinks you're going to call him a glory supporter for being a Man. U fan then he'll definitely say Grimsby Town.
3). He owns every single Jay.Z album ever. Ever.
4). He's only been to two music concerts in his whole 23 years of life. The X Factor tour with moi last year and to see Ja Rule when some crazy woman was dancing very close to him so that he'd move and she could stand in front of him. 

5). He really likes sprouts.
6). He thinks that he looks like a cross between Christano Ronaldo and Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill. 
7). Like I've always wanted to go to Rome (well, since I was 14 at least) he's always wanted to go to Barcelona. Barcelona is to him what Rome is to me.
8). He knows the words to practically ever song that there is. It seems that why anyway.
9). Because he served his mission in France he likes to bisou (the two cheek kisses) with every person that he knows speak French. Sometimes with people that don't speak French but he likes a lot too. Normally only boys though!
10). He's a hypochondriac. He'll take a paracetamol for the slightest ailment or ache. Sometimes I wish that I could trade bodies with him for a day, so that I can know how much he's actually aching when he says his leg hurts or his arm hurts or he has a head or blah blah blah. 
11). If you ask him what the happiest day of his life was, he probably won't say our wedding day, he'll tell you that he doesn't know! Typical!

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