Friday, 18 March 2011

List of happys take 3

I wish that I'd remembered to tell myself to smile in this photo.
1. Finally getting to see the sun SHINE for once.
2. Going to Temple Newsam. It's so beautiful.
3. Having 4 different flavours of squash in the cupboard.
4. Mr.K doing the dishes way more than me this week.
5. Ditching the gym to hang out with friends instead.
6. Not having to set an alarm this morning.
7. People saying thank you when I let them out a junction.
8. Naps.
9. Snuggling under blankets in the dark with the Mr. while we endlessly watch Scrubs and cry at pretty much every episode.
10. Being half way done with writing my essay.
11. Dusting off some of my old journals and reading through them. I used to be such a weirdo.
12. Waking up in the middle of the night and thinking it's time to get up, when actually it's only 5am and I have an extra two and a bit hours in bed.


  1. I was happy to actually feel the warmth of the sun today.

    I recently moved up to Yorkshire from the South and felt so cold this winter.


  2. I think we should switch our old journals and read our teenage weirdness :) could be fun... and rather embarrassing come to think of it!! xxx