Thursday, 24 March 2011


I didn't blog yesterday. I decided to just live in the moment and for the moment, rather than living straight on through the moment so that I can write about it at the end of the day. Because I've developed a real bad habit of doing that. So excuse me if my blog posts are a little shorter, with more photos and less words, I'm busy actually living my life. 

If anyone is interested in what I did yesterday, I had a lovely day full of sunshine, ice cream, shopping, friends and photos. Throw in a little episode with some lost car keys, a skype session and a camera that decided to go crazy, but not completely brake and bam, welcome to my yesterday. (We can even be friends if you'd like?) 

For any body in the vicinity of Leeds/Bradford that has a hanckering for really (REALLY) good ice cream, I wholly recommend Goodhall's ice cream parlour, in Tong Village (which is a delight in itself anyway, can we say picturesque?). They make all of the ice cream themselves. The Hokey Pokey flavour is seriously good. It's made with cinder toffee, rainbow vapours, wishes and sunshine. You know, all the good stuff. And when you have your ice cream, you can sit outside in the sun with the chickens. Literally. The chickens are seriously free range. Anyway, go there, try it, love it and say that I sent you.

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