Friday, 11 March 2011

List of Happys part 2

Here are my list of happys/weekly splendipites.

1. Being in Momma & Poppa K's house with all of the family having a takeaway and good times.
2. Watching Mr.K's brother CJ get Ava-B to dance and say "thank you master". Funniest/cutest thing of the day. I should have taken a picture. 
3. Wearing an outfit that made me feel positively European today. Skinny jeans, stripes and a blazer. Je suis practiquellement Frencaise. Practically anyway.
4. Celebrating Subway's 10th Birthday by buying a medium drink and then getting a 6" sub for free. For your mental picture: Sweet onion chicken teriyaki with extra cheese. 
5. Buying Easter eggs for £1 each.
7. The two identical clocks on Momma K's mantel piece. 
8. Setting up another Skype double date for next week.
9. Being on the cross trainer in the gym and some random media student asking if they can film me. Slightly perplexed, ermmm yeah, ok. She says, oh but don't worry, we won't film your face. Not sure if I should have taken offence. I found it quite amusing actually. 
10. Curling my hair and it actually looking nice. At least according to me.
11. Realising how happy I am not to live on the edge of a tectonic plate. 

Do you have a list of happys for the week? Or even generally? Tell me. Tell me!

Enjoy your Saturday & Sunday.
Photo from paper tissue.


  1. My list of happys from today:

    1. The sweet comment on my blog from you! I have just spent some time stalking your blog, and from your list of things on the "start here" tab it seems like we have a lot in common!
    2. I became an aunt for the first time this morning (not including the nieces and nephews on my husbands side). She is absolutely precious.
    3. It's Friday, which means I got to leave work a couple of hours early.
    4. Once my husband gets home from work tonight our week off of work and school officially begins! Yay for Spring Break.
    5. Delicious Tortilla Soup for dinner. Hopefully it's delicious, anyway.

    Thanks for making me realize today is an especially lovely day :)

  2. I will have to create a list of happys. What a great idea. I love yours! I keep hearing about Zumba, I'm going to have to try it. Everyone says how much they love it.

  3. Zumba is excellent! SO much fun. Go ahead and link up your list of happys! I'd love to read them.