Monday, 14 March 2011


This is what I keep telling myself. If not now then when? Because I've had a little project in my mind that I thought I couldn't set into motion. Let me share.

You've heard of Mormon fashion bloggers? And maybe you've heard of Mormon Mommy bloggers? And they have a directory for each of these categories, where people link up there web address to the list, read the blogs of like-minded people and maybe even really go for it and make some friends.

Well, I am a Mormon and I'm a blogger, but I'm definitely not a fashion blogger or a Mommy. I'm just a young, married Mormon that blogs about life. 

So, what my project is going to be will be along the same kinda lines as the fashion bloggers and Mommy bloggers directory. The ideal situation will be to put together a list of young Mormon bloggers, where I, and anyone else who might want to can read about the lives of similar people, to see how their faith is reflected in their everyday life and to be inspired. 

So I'm going to set a few wheels in motion and kick start this little project. First on the agenda is thinking of what I'll call it...


  1. Let me know when it is up and running! I'm in the same boat!

  2. Excellent! I certainly will do. I'm so pleased that someone other than myself is interested. I was worried that no-one would be bothered. Do you know anyone else that might be interested?

  3. I think it's a really good idea. I'm a newish convert (baptised five months ago) and like reading about other Saints experiences


  4. Thanks for the encouragement Dermot! Keep checking back, I hope to have it up and running soon(ish).