Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Waka Waka

Let me be honest. In all of my life I have not wiggled, shaked or jiggled as much as I have today. And I'm actually quite a wiggly shaky kind of girl, so the previous statement is really saying something. Why? One word answer. Zumba. Actually, it feels more appropriate to write it like this: ZUMBA. Oh yeah, that's right. The massive yellow writing with an orange highlight is completely appropriate. Because I absolutely loved Zumba. And again, allow me to be honest, my hips don't lie. I'm practically Shakira. Seriously, waka waka eh eh.  Well, if you a picture a young Shakira that's just eaten Beyonce. (I'm a big fan.) It's my hips, they're waka waka ehehing for zumba class. I am most definitely going back next week. Zumba. I just want to say it a few more times. Zumba. Zumba. ZUMBA.

On a less jiggly note, tonight I am home alone. Homage alonage. Mr.K is in the hospital. Would it be harsh of me to end this post right there and say no more about his hospital visit? Probably. Technically he's fine. And when I say fine, I mean he's not ill. But tomorrow he has an operation on his arm. Or maybe it's classed as reconstructive surgery. Not sure. Basically, when he was younger he was in a car crash and he shattered both bones in his left four arm. So that it would heal properly he had to have metal plates put into his arm. As his arm healed the tendons that bend his thumb got mixed up with the scar tissues, which means that he can't bend his thumb. (Which does nothing for his fifa abilities.) So tomorrow they're going to try to fix it. Maybe I can show him some of my Zumba moves after his surgery to cheer him up....

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  1. Waka Waka eh eh...on a more serious note, hope Mr K recouperates quickly, let me know if any Brownies are needed for medication purposes!