Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day

It's raining. 
Which I think is the perfect metaphor for most English people's opinion on Valentines Day. 

Well, depending. If you have a love, then you might get some lovely flowers and a card, maybe chocolates, maybe a nice little date. For those of you who are interested, (is anyone interested? Hello?) Mr.K and I have to postpone Valentines Day until Friday, when we're going for a spa day. So if you have a love it's a excuse to be openly affectionate without feeling bad/silly.
If you have a like then it could be potentially tricky. 
And if your single, as far as my experience goes, you fall into one of two categories. 
1). You don't mind Valentines Day. You look forward to more loving times with hope and a twinkle in your eye. 
Or 2). Your a hater. 'Valentines Day is a ridiculous excuse of a holiday that is a little too  over enthusiastically over marketed by the high street and is yet another reminder of my sorry, loveless life.' 
I think the fact that some people hate Valentines Day is quite ironic. Haters hating on the day we celebrate love. Ironic. 

I have good memories of Valentines Day. As a kid it mostly centred around getting a card from a 'secret admirer', which in hindsight was probably written by Mum. Although one year, I remember getting a genuine Valentine. It had a little cryptic message inside that said; "you'll have to be a bright spark to work out who this is from", with a picture of a lightbulb drawn next to it. It had me puzzled for days. Until I worked out it was from a boy who's surname was Watts. Then I thought it was really clever and kicked myself for not working it out sooner. 

Mr.K & I don't have such a good history with Valentines Days. For the first, he was in hospital after his car crash. The next two we spent apart, with him serving his mission in France. The fourth one I don't remember. And the fifth one is today. Next year I'm going to make a real song and dance about Valentines Day and even decorate the flat with love hearts and cupids. 

Happy Valentines Day
 to all involved. 

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