Thursday, 24 February 2011

A load of baloney.

So, there's this guy that I know. He's a med student. Any normal person's natural assumption would be that med student = intelligent. And you'd be right. He is very intelligent. But, declared by his own self, at least 90% of the things that he says are rubbish. Let's throw in some synonyms. Rubbish, nonsense, baloney, mumbo jumbo, prattle, poppycock, absurdity.

When I think about it, I think I could probably declare that I speak a high percentage of poppycock too. And so does everyone. And the truth of this statement was perfectly exemplified just a short five minutes later. It started with a question: Would you rather be blind or deaf? A legitimate question. Neither rubbish, poppycock, nor nonsense. But that question was then followed by would you rather be deaf and without legs or blind and dumb? Again, a fair question. I'd say so anyway. But then came, would you rather be completely hairless all over your body or extremely hairy, think werewolf hairy, all over your body? Toughy. But complete rubbish. I think the conversation ended there, but it reminded me of other questions I've either been asked or asked myself. For your reading and mental pleasure are the following... Would you rather have stumps instead of hands or lobster claws instead of hands? If you were bald would you rather be straight up bald or would you live to grass and flowers growing from the top of your head instead? Four arms or four legs? I could go on, but actually it's getting a little bit embarrassing. I can't believe I'm associating myself with such frivolity!

Let's make things a little more serious. It is the opinion of some, namely my good friend Sally, that women talk less rubbish then men. Proportionally. Controversial I know. But listen to this. Women talk more then men. I think that we can agree on that as fact. Let's say the quality of speech is equal. Meaning that the amount of rubbish spoken is the same. And women speak more. So, therefore women speak less rubbish then men. Proportionally. Now this has gotten too serious. Enough.

I'll lighten the mood with a joke... What's orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot!

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