Friday, 11 February 2011

I have this friend...

This is a genuine story of a friend. Not one of those stories that you start by saying "well see, I have this friend....." when you blatantly mean "I'm going to tell you something about myself, but it's a bit awkward/embarrassing, so I'm going to pretend that it's a friend's situation, even though we both know this story is all about me." 

Infact, this isn't even a story. It's just a post. It's a genuine post about my friend. My friend is Katie and she makes me laugh. Katie has beautiful crazy curly hair that is a beautiful shade of ginger and that may or may not have been enhanced by Henna. But who cares about things like that? (The Henna I mean) Katie has a beautiful singing voice, can give a really good massage and is a bit adventurous with spices in the kitchen. She's everything that you could want in a friend really. Oh, and she's a dreamer. 

But one of the best thing about Katie is that she is funny. And I mean the kind of funny that makes you belly laugh for so long that you get stomach cramps. And the kind of funny that is just instinctual. A natural part of who she is. But we'll get onto that. 

I met Katie for the first time on the day that I moved into my first student house. Back in the olden days of September 2006. I remember admiring her beautiful hair and thinking that she was wearing false eyelashes. (See the picture below.) She wasn't. But her eyelashes are so long and curly that everyday looks like a false eyelash day for her. We officially became housemates and friends (of the best variety) exactly a week later. 

One of the first things that astounded me about Katie was her will power. For the first three months of our friendship Katie didn't eat chocolate. And I don't mean she didn't eat chocolate bars, she didn't drink hot chocolate, eat chocolate cake, eat chocolate ice cream. Nothing even chocolate flavoured passed her lips. She was as stubborn as an ox. The no chocolate thing was a new years resolution. So she then went normal and started eating chocolate again. But I think now she might have given up again. Don't ask me why. Katie's odd decision making is all part of her charm. 

I remember one time having a discussion with Katie about something. I don't even remember what exactly the conversation was about. Actually I do. Mr.K was trying to convince a group of us that a banana is infact a herb and not a fruit. Katie agreed with Mr.K. And how did she know? She could remember exactly where she first learnt it. "I read it in a newspaper in 1997." It's saying things like that that make us love Katie. And oh, believe me, there have been lots of similar quotes and occasions. So many infact that they are now fondly called Cakeyisms. 

Here are a few...
There's not enough perspiration in the air.

(When going round the table on Thanksgiving saying what we're thankful for.) 
"I'm grateful for my parents, especially my mum and dad."

(After admiting she thought Coling Firth is hot in Girl with a Pearl Earring.)  

"But then again, I find Barack Obama vaguely attractive..."

(Whilst ordering DVD's of Amazon.) 

Katie: "£13 postage and packaging?? Thats a joke!"
Chloe: "Why don't you just pick them up from Asda instead?"
Katie: "Yeah, but will Amazon deliver to Asda?"

(In reference to not getting the cervical cancer immunisation) 

"To be honest, I think I'm just going to risk it..."

"If you go on myspace you can actually myspace Robert Pattinson!"
"Not that i've done it or anything...."

"I wish I was half Latino..."

(After we drove past a phone box which had been smashed) 

"I makes me sad to see smashed glass on the floor."

"Does anybody else find it really weird when people write educational books and then dedicate them to their wives?"

"Every time I hear a low flying plane I think *gasp* The Second Coming!"

"My Grandad's got like a seventh sense."

Katie, I love you.
 Thank you for being in my life. 

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