Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thinking of a title takes too much time.

And I am too busy to think of a title today. 
In fact, I am too busy to even write a blog post today. 
Trying to think of something that is even remotely funny, witty, insightful or possibly all of the above is just out of the question. 
And don't even make me think about how much time it takes for me to scroll through my albums of pictures to find the one that I actually want to use. 
And then there is the whole part about semi obsessively checking back on my blog to see if a kind soul or two has commented (rarely happens). 
I am serious. 
So serious that you should check out the massive stack of Come Dine With Me's that I have recorded (at least 33) that I haven't watched yet. 
Because I honestly love Come Dine With Me. 
But really I don't even have time to write about how truly unbelievable it is. 
 I need to dedicate my waking hours to boring, BORING, BORING research and ethics readings and other school junk. 
(Don't tell the lecturers that I called it junk. They will give me bad grades.) 
And who can afford to get a bad grade and to have to rewrite an essay? 
Because I'm far too busy. 
I definitely don't have to time to waste. 
Like by watching clips on youtube. 
(Even though I am still completely flabbergasted by this.) 
It makes me laugh it is so incredible.
 But don't you even think that I have time to be laughing now. 
I am so busy and it is no laughing matter. 
And let's try to avoid thinking about the fact when I was tidying at the weekend I forgot to do the spare the bedroom. 
Let's especially not think about it because it's cold in there and it is full of random stuff that has to be manoeuvred if you want to clean properly. 
And then there are all the unavoidables and unmissables. 
Brushing teeth, reading scriptures, showering, dropping Ross off at work, making approximately 17 glasses of orange squash, calling & hanging up on Ross at least once, making an edible dinner (actually, I like cooking, my dinners are always edible, it's when Ross cooks that we start to have problems) and lastly, writing my blog. 
Which I am far too busy to write today. 
(I'm serious.) 

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  1. I remember when I had an assignment due.... I would do absolutley anything instead of getting on with it .... Putting a load of washing in.... Planning teatimes..... Playing on solitaire .... Absolutely anything..... So I think writing your blob is a short good extraction... Keep at it girl xxx