Monday, 2 May 2011

May day

I'm so glad that in England our bank holidays are based on days and not dates.
Some countries have May Day on the first of May, no matter what day that falls on.
England has May Day on the first Monday of May.
So that means a day off work for all!
It would suck for May day to fall on a Saturday or Sunday.
Who wants a bank holiday at the weekend?
Not me! 

We had planned on making the most of the long weekend and being keen bean tourists in London, but it didn't happen. 
Talk about disappointing.
We didn't dwell on it for too long.

We spent our Saturday in Hebden Bridge. 
Just for your information, Hebden Bridge was voted the funkiest place to live in Europe by the British Airways in-flight magazine.
And you don't argue with that kind of serious accolade. 
Suffice it to say that Hebden Bridge is the perfect mix of quirky independent shops, quaint Britishness and local geniuses. 
(I can personally testify of the local geniuses. I did my teaching placement in a school in Hebden Bridge last year and I have seriously never met a brighter bunch of kids. Ever. They must add genius powder to the water or something.)

We went on our visit with Annie.
She is one of my closest friends.
And probably the only friend that would have been cool with coming out with just me and Ross.
I love Annie for that.
Also, she doesn't take Ross seriously at all, which is a very, very good thing, because sometimes his sense of humour is...strange.

This absolutely
I would NOT like to get a takeaway from this place.
Chinese, human or any other kind.

This photo needed no editing.
The sky was just honestly that blue.

We went to a traditional English sweet shop.
They had all of the classics.
Sherbet lemons. Yorkshire mixture. Homemade fudge. 
You know, just the classic sweet shop stuff.
Ross bought paper money and chocolate cigarettes.
Sometimes I wonder about his mental age.

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