Monday, 23 May 2011

Scenes from a photo overload weekend

I've been wanting to take this photo for a while. 
I drive past it all the time.
So seeing as we were going to the Pudsey 'carnival' I made Ross park up quite far away so we'd pass this sign as we walked in.
In Pudsey a carnival constitutes some travelling fairground rides, lots of tombola stalls and a big cornered of bit of grass where local dance troups rock out and men set their wives on fire.
♥ Some poor kid let go of Sponge Bob.
Crying shame.
Interesting fact in French they call Sponge Bob, Bob l'eponge carré, which literally means Bob the sponge squared.

♥ MASSIVE dog.
Check it.
This beast literally comes up to the chest of the woman in the background.
I'm pretty sure that if a child (or small adult) wanted to they could ride this monster like a horse.
♥ I wasn't joking when I said that a man set his wife on fire.
He did it for reals.
And then made her run 100 yards until he put the fire out.
♥ Oh, hi there handsome.
♥ My camera does't record videos, but honestly this big wheel was going so fast.
It was like a wheel of death.
♥ Shoes of choice.
Burberry high tops for him.
Cheapo leopard print for me.
♥ Basically I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon fiddling around with my camera,
I've had it for almost two years now and still don't really know how to use the manual settings.
I'm pretty sure this photo is the pictorial result of me doing something wrong.
I thought it was kinda cool though.
♥ Annie.
Miss Sociable.

♥ I have little to no musical talent so I didn't join in this little jammin sesh.
But there was a plethora (word of the day) of musical wizardry in the room so I just listened and took photos instead.
 ♥ Not sure which part of Leeds this is.
Rawdon maybe.

 ♥ When this picture was taken on Sunday, this bruise was coming up to being a week old.
So imagine how bad it was at first.
It was horrific actually.
I acquired this bad boy by falling into the slide set whilst I was holding a kid on my very first day of placement, but seeing as I didn't want to get told off for dropping a kid down the side of a slide set I bashed into with my knee and then balanced the boy on it instead.
 ♥ Will do.
 ♥ Not a clue.
♥ I love that in this picture that sun looks just like the kind of sun that a 7 year old would draw.

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