Monday, 9 May 2011

Weekend Shmeekend

This weekend was a lot like a typical weekend from before Ross & I got married.
That basically means going to a party, dinner with friends and hanging out with a bunch of people playing random games in the park.
Normally now that we're married our weekends aren't full of as many...activities.
And normally nowadays they involve a lot more time with other married couples. 
Not this one though.
It was quite nice actually.

On with the pictures.

 This photo is in continuation of my current theme of taking a photo of myself and whoever I'm with in whatever reflective surface I can find.
Now I can tick microwave off the list.
I don't actually have a list though.

This is basically the pinnacle of my photographic efforts this weekend.
And to be honest, it's more of a posing effort than a photographic effort.
It's impressive though, right?

 I think this picture is beautiful.
Well, I think Clio is beautiful and this photo captures it.
The funny thing is, I took this photo to capture the crazy bit of hair that is pointing out to the side.
You hardly even notice it though.

 Ninja game that I could not get my head around enough to be able to play.

"I'm pretty sure that only us and the Amish would ever play this game."
Probably true.

Red vines. And lots of them.
For me, this photo represents happiness.

And I think happiness is a good place to end.

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