Sunday, 15 May 2011

History of Hair

Due to what I'm calling the blogger disaster of May 2011, which I pray never happens again, this post is actually one that I already wrote. 
And published.
But in blogger's moment of pure insanity, said post disappeared into the vast expanse that is the internet.
So here we go for take two.

Today I am lamenting.
Just a second, let me check what that word actually means.
That's right, today I am lamenting the loss of long gone long hair.

Let me just tell you the history of my hair. 
Don't worry, it's short. (The pun is very much intended here.)
Ever since I've had hair, which apparently was a good while after my first birthday (I looked like a boy in a dress for the first year of my existence) my Mom has kept my hair short.

Please observe...

Toddler Becky, short hair.

No front teeth Becky, short hair.

Becky in a school play, short hair.

So then when I got to being about 15 years old, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to grow my hair.
This hair growing rebellion was honestly about as rebellious as I ever got.
My Mom & Dad consider themselves to be very lucky.

Anyway, so I grew my hair.

Please observe....

Rebecca Northcott Photography
3Poppies Photography
I'm pretty sure that my wedding hair was my favourite hair ever, ever.
I'm convinced that my friend and bridesmaid Sophie has some kind of voodoo magic in her fingers because she made it look wonderful.
At least I think so.

My long hair years were happy years.
But then in a moment of insanity after a very hot week in Rome I decided to have my hair cut. 
So in one swift snip, the hairdresser cut off inches of my hair and probably sold the lot to a wig maker.

Please observe...

See how sad I am?
I don't think that I've even smiled since I had my hair cut.
Well now, that is both an exaggeration and a lie.
But I look sad in this photo as least and I have short hair here, so...

I think that the thing that I miss most of all about my long hair is that if I styled it properly and made an effort with it, it completed my outfit.
I definitely think that great hair can be the cherry on top of a great outfit.
(Did I just tip my toe into the world of fashion blogging? Weird.)

So now I'm going to stop wallowing about my hair and just wish and will it to grow long really quickly.

In the mean time, does anyone know how to make short hair look fabulous, because seeing as I'm stuck with it, I might as well make it look good.

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