Thursday, 19 May 2011

The little things

1. Dominos completely messed up our pizza order, but we got money off, so all is well.
2. Tomorrow is Friday.
3. I'm almost half way through my placement.
4. A little boy that I work with who has a great Polish accent and always says "this is not gooood" asked me if I would be back tomorrow and when I said yes I would and all next week too, he said "gooood because I would miss you." 
It's no wonder I get so attached to the little bubbas that I meet on placement.
5. The amazing names that they give to different shades of lipstick and nail varnish.
My current favourite lipsticks are mulled wine and showbiz. 
Can you tapas this and iris I was thinner are my nail varnish faves.
Iris I was thinner is possibly my favourite name ever.
And possibly going to become my new mantra.
6. Remembering random times in the sun with friends.
Times just like the ones in the photos.
7. The fact that I have a real life legitimate reason to go Costco tomorrow.
A real reason as apposed to my usual just wanting to go.

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