Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I crave peri peri

I will not deny the fact that I have cravings.
Not pregnant cravings (mainly because I'm not pregnant), 
but I-know-what-I-like-and-I-want-some-now, kind of cravings.
You know what I mean, right? 

Well, one craving that I have pretty much constantly is for Nandos. 
Send some Nandos chicken (lemon and herb only please, I am a spice wimp, but it's what I love, so don't think less of me please) and chips with peri peri salt my way and I'm yours. 
Well, not seriously. 
I'm kinda already eternally with someone else.
But I would really appreciate it and we could be friends.
And a friendship based on a mutual love of Nandos is surely the best kind there is.

Ross decided that we needed more Nandos in our life yesterday, so we went and ate and it was gooood.
Let me share with some of the reasons why I love Nandos...

1). Erm...the food.
(You can tell that I didn't take this picture because the chips are peri-peri less and I would never order medium hot chicken.)
2). They have awesome lights and paintings.
I'd like to have a light like this in my house one day.

3). They play music that makes me feel like I'm in a Zumba class.
And we've already spoken about how my hips don't lie.
Remember, I look like a young Shakira that's just eaten Beyonce but is still shakin it.
Ring any bells?

4). The stuff that it says on the uniforms & napkins (for the bits your tongue can't reach, anyone)
 and the Nando's story.

5). Nandos is a magical place and magical things happen there.
Otherwise, how could you explain this......

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