Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Why I will never have 13 children

Yesterday I started a placement in a children's centre in a pretty deprived area of Leeds.
I'm working in the pre-school room, with 13 kids, some of which don't speak English as their first language.
(I now know how to say toilet and drink in Polish. Thumbs up.)

Yesterday was a lot of fun. 
Basically I spent the entire day cutting & sticking, reading stories, kicking footballs, cuddling crying children, colouring, dressing up and playing at Princess'.
(Having a group of kids all chanting Princess Rebecca while running around you waving their arms is really something.)
Today was the same.

But all that fun, with 13 children is TIRING.
Last night I was asleep by 9:20pm.
And I slept right the way through until my alarm went off at 7am.
I'll probably do the same thing tonight.

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