Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Some little notes


Dear University, 
Whilst your Headingley campus might be quite beautiful, and whilst I love to think of days during the war when you were a hospital and not a university yet, I will be glad when it's this time tomorrow and I don't have to think about you and your assignments or essays or presentations or projects.
Just for a little while.
I promise I'll come back in September.
But until then, it's not you, it's me.
Dear Pizza Express, 
Thank you for giving me dough balls. 
That's all.

Dear friends that I shared dough balls with today,
(Not that I shared any dough balls, I just mean who also had dough balls today)
I had such a nice time with you this afternoonish evening.
I send love and thanks to all involved.

Dear Ruth & Louise, 
Tomorrow I will hand in two massive assignments and you will mark them.
Please be kind, generous and then generous some more.
I would really appreciate it.

Dear Mom & Dad, 
I know that your probably reading this, so please pray for me tomorrow.
I have an assessed interview and a video presentation. All in one day.
I've been referring to it as the day or reckoning all this week, so you know it really is quite a big deal and I'm not being dramatic.
PS. Thanks for making me.

Dear sleep, 
Please come to me quickly tonight. 
My interview is at 9am in the morning and I need to be focused.
Plus it probably wouldn't look too professional if I yawn through out the whole thing.
Especially seeing as it's been filmed!

Lots of love, 

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