Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nosey parker

I love to people watch. 
I like seeing people and wondering about what they're thinking and what's important to them right at that moment.
More than I love to watch, I like to listen in on people's conversations.

I'm sat in the cafe at university right now, wasting time after my interview (it went well by the way) but before my group meeting. 
I have three hours to kill.
There's a group of four people sat next to me.
They're talking about the most randombomb things from playing Nirvana in the clubs and people getting carried away, to an exam they've just taken (they all did well too by the way, they're pretty sure that they all got firsts), and dreams.
This is what one girl said.

"About five years ago, I had this pair of shoes that I loved, but I lost them.
Then last week I had this dream.
In my dream I was looking for this pair of shoes and I found them.
But then I woke up and I was really sad because in real life my shoes were still lost.
But because I was sad it made me really determined to find them.
So I looked for them for about half an hour and then I found them!
How amazing is that? 
Dreams can be so inspiring."

Yes. Yes, dreams can be so inspiring.

Another similar thing happened last week while I was in the toilet at Asda.
I was already in the cubicle and a little girl and her Mom came in and went into the cubicle next to me. This is what went down.

Girl: Mom, I want a toilet that has a roof.
Mom: There aren't any toilets with rooves here honey. These toilets are in what they call  cubicle stalls.
Girl: I want a toilet that has a door all the way to the floor.
Mom: Honey, none of these toilets have doors that go all the way down to the floor.
Girl: Why?
Mom: Because if a little girl like you came to the toilet by herself and got locked in, they could crawl out from underneath the door.
Girl: But what if they were fat?
Mom: Then it would be really tricky.
Girl: Woah, its gone really dark.
Mom: That's because you've got your eyes closed.

That conversation happened for reals. 
It is not embellished or made up at any point.
The last part really cracked me up.
I had to flush the toilet so that they couldn't hear my laughing. 

Also in the same toilet trip, whilst I was in the cubicle, a man walked in and very loudly said "WHOOPS! Wrong one. No urinals. SORRYYYY LADIESSSSS."
I couldn't make this stuff up.

There's a different group of people sat next to me now.
They're speaking in a different language.
I obviously can't understand.
Such a shame, because they look so interesting. 

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