Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I feel that in England, sometimes we're a little bit slow to pick up on mass trends.
When I say mass trends, I basically mean things that are popular in America.
There's a juice bar in pretty much every shopping centre now.
Maybe there has been for a while actually. 
But I think we were quite slow to pick up on that one.

On a recent shopping trip, Ross was complaining of having blurry vision.
Whenever he doesn't drink enough his vision goes a little bit fuzzy.
So instead of just buying boring old water, we decided to at least pretend we're down with the kids and get juice instead.
Juice from the very originally names juice bar....Juice. Good one.
Pina Cool Ada for me. 
(Anything with pineapple and coconut together reminds me of my holiday in the Caribbean, so for me it's always a winner.)
And Passion Paradise for Ross.
Frankly, mine was far nicer. 
Ha! I just noticed that in this picture Ross isn't even drinking his juice. 
He's just posing with it in his mouth. PAH!

Another thing I feel like I've been reading about on every American's blog is cupcakes. 
Everyone has fancy schmancy ones from cupcake shops all the time. 
There are probably loads in London.
But I don't live in London.

Leeds finally has a good one. 
Check out the sheer amount of icing on this bad boy.
And the glitter.
And a cherry on top. 
Ironic and iconic. 
Plus, I really like glacier cherries.

To be honest, I think my friend Ange actually makes better cupcakes.
She's s master in all things culinary.
But until she starts to sell her sweet treat masterpieces, I'll just have to take what I can get.

Don't even get me started on frozen yogurt. 

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