Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Today I have learnt a few precious truths. And when I say precious truths, I also mean truths that are very precious.
1). Today I spent some time with my precious friend Heidi. She has hair like Rapunzel. Long, blonde and gloriously and perfectly wavy. I played chauffeur to Heidi just for ten minutes and those ten minutes I learnt how precious it is to talk to friends. Heidi is American. I listened as she told me about her family Halloween traditions. I wish that in England we made as much of a big deal about Halloween as they do in America. I love pumpkins. And any occasion where you can dress up, knock of people's doors and get bucket loads of sweets for free is fine by me.
2). Today I learnt that life is unexpected and precious. I used to work in a little gift boutique shop near to wear I live that is owned by a lovely lady called Amanda. Amanda had a friend called Howard. He was a nice oldish man with white hair and an energetic dog. He was a very handy man and would come into the shop to fix and broken stock that we had or change lightbulbs and over man jobs like that. Anyway, I haven't worked in the shop for about three months and last time I saw Howard he filled his life doing all the things that he loved. (If you note that I'm writing all this in the past tense you can probably see where this is going.) I went past the shop today and decide to pop in to say hello to whoever was working. It was Helen that was in. Maybe I'll write about Helen another day. But Helen told me that yesterday Howard died. About two months ago he was complaining of back pains. It turned out he had cancer of the kidney, liver and lungs. That was the last piece of news I expected to hear today. And I know it's a cliche, but life is short. And life is such a blessing. It's so important to live life. Not to spend time and energy worrying and moaning but to fill it with things and people that you love.
3). Today I learnt how precious it is not to be ignorant towards other religions. I take a class called 'Religions of the World'. It's quite obvious what the content of the class is. Today we looked at Sikhism. I have a new found respect for Sikh's. I'm not sure that I've ever met a Sikh. But there is a Sikh temple not too far from where I live. Maybe I'll go visit it one day.
Today I learnt three precious truths. Well, three truths that precious.

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