Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Post it notes

Yesterday, I went post it note crazy. I now have post it notes on everything from the wall, curtains, oven, tooth brush, laptop and everything in between. I don't just have random post its everywhere for no reason though. There is a purpose. And the purpose is to help me to learn French. And I think it's working. Mr.K keeps randomly testing me and I seem to be able to remember quite a lot of them. So I recommend the post it note method of learning!
I'm just on my little lunch break from university at the minute and before I go back for my afternoon lectures I have quite a lot to do.
1). Put out the wet washing.
2). Finish making notes from my French lecture.
3). Review the presentation I have to give in my lecture this afternoon.
4). Make a list of presents to buy for Mr. K for Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas presents I found two Christmas presents that Mr.K had hidden for me the other day. I found them and a looked at them. Completely ruined the surprise. Then a few days later I completely accidentally stumbled across another present (yes I'm a very lucky girl and I obviously have quite a lot of presents already) while Mr.K was in the room. He made a big fuss about ruining the surprise and then I told him that I'd found another two. He was quite mad with me. Actually, not so much as angry but disappointed. Which is worse. I've promised not to look for anymore presents. And I haven't. And I won't. I want to though. But I won't.

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