Monday, 22 November 2010


24 years ago, this is what was happening. 
Left to right: Curly Grandad,Uncle Andrew, Uncle Colin, Uncle Patrick.
Nannan, Curly Nannan, beautiful Momma & Aunty Debbie.

I realise that this picture doesn't even have my Dad in it, but this was the only one that I have on my laptop from their wedding day. My Momma was so beautiful. Is so beautiful. 

So today, on the 22nd November 2010, my parents celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. I say celebrated, they didn't have a party or anything, just the family together for dinner and talks. It was nice. 

Next year is the milestone 25 years. (Actually, I think every year is a milestone. But maybe that's just because Mr.K & I haven't even celebrated one wedding anniversary yet.) I can guarantee that next year will be more of a lavish affair. I have plans in my mind already. 25 years deserves a proper celebration. 

In their 24 years of marriage, they've had three children and a son in law. Between them they've had several callings that have demanded a lot of evenings out of the house and several demanding children. (Note: I obviously refer to Richard & Sam here. I was never demanding or any trouble. Ahem.) They've had a few different houses and various employment. Holidays to America, Cornwall, the Caribbean, North Yorkshire and a few other places in between. Basically, they've had a very richly blessed, happy 24 years together. And I can say that, because I know it. They love each other very much. And they've taught me how a husband and wife should treat one another. (The husband giving foot rubs & back scratches on demand. I joke. But seriously.) 

I've already said it a few times today but, Mom, Pops, happy wedding anniversary. 

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