Monday, 15 November 2010


Being an English person, I haven't been brought up to celebrate thanksgiving. Well I've definitely been brought up to be thankful, but not to celebrate thanksgiving as a holiday. I'd like to though. Not as a celebration of the pilgrims, because I know absolutely nothing about them, nor do I feel the need to. But the gratitude part of thanksgiving I really like. So starting now, I'm going to begin my little thanksgiving week project. It's a simple thing. But everyday this week I'm going to write five things that I'm thankful for.  Either things that are specific to that day or general things. Here we go.

1). I'm grateful for Mr.K's staff discount. I booked his flights to Montpellier today and being an employee of the Co-op he got 5% off. Which didn't actually save all that much money, but as they say, look after the pennies. Included in this I'm thankful that Mr.K is going to come out for week while I'm on my teacher practice in January. Otherwise I'd miss him so much that I might die. 

2). I'm thankful that it didn't rain torrentially today.

3). I'm thankful that I got to speak to my Momma & Pops today. My Mom is a bit crazy sometimes. And sometimes I remind myself a lot of her. Which is a wonderful thing as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, I just had a little five minute conversation with them that reminded me that they still miss me living in their home. It's nice to be missed sometimes because it reminds you that your loved.

4). I'm thankful that I finally made a start on my assignment this afternoon. Now that I've started that's the worst part taken care of, because it's much more difficult to actually get around to starting than writing the actual essay.

5). I'm thankful that today I had a good hair day & that I got to catch up on Ugly Betty. 

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