Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Daylight saving time is sometimes pretty sucky. It means that when Mr.K gets up for work in the morning, it's dark. And by the time he gets home from work in the early evening it's dark too. 

Why do we even have daylight savings time anyway? Is it for the farmers? And if it is for the farmers, why don't they just get up an hour later when it gets to the wintery times and keep the time the same for always. That would definitely be helpful to my body clock. It always takes me an absolute age to get used to the clocks being back an hour. It gets annoying when I keep waking up at 6 in the morning instead of regular 7. Who am I kidding. I never get up at 7. (I have to make the most of 1). being a student. It's expected that students sleep late. And 2). not having any kids to wake me up at crazy early hours.)

One thing that I do quite like about time in Britain is that our time is what the rest of the world's time is set against. Like in France its +1, Singapore is +8 and Jamaica is -5. All depending on British GMT. It's good to know that even though Britain (Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves!) doesn't have an empire that is basically half the world anymore, that the whole world still sets it time by us. 

Aside from that little patriotic speech, what I really wanted to talk about (and I don't think that I actually have very much to say about it) is MST. Mormon Standard Time. It's not actually a real time zone or anything official, but it does exist. Oh boy does it exist. Really, it's just because every church activity that is being held in the evening starts at 7:30. Always. I think that there's an unwritten rule. 

MST has another meaning too. Well, not another meaning, it still means Mormon Standard Time. Basically, MST absolutely and completely ingrains itself into most Mormons (note, I say most). And when this happens it means that they are approximately half an hour late for everything. Who knows why it happens. But it does. I might even conduct an experiment....

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