Friday, 26 November 2010

Hats, Momma & life

I had the day off university today. Momma (can I point out that I call my Momma 'Momma' a lot more in writing than I do to her actual face. Normally it's just Mom. Mom, not Mum) had a day off work. So I drove to Sheffield this morning and we went shopping. We bought a few Christmas presents, a bed sheet and most notably a hat. My Mom bought a hat. Normally, she is not really a hat kind of person. But in about a week we're going on a little holiday, and it will be cold. We'll probably do a lot of walking out in the cold, so we decided that she should buy a hat. She tried on lots of hats and some of them were so funny that I wish that I'd taken pictures. Some of them were ridiculous. Lots of fake fur, massive bobbles on the top and one elasticated one that was made entirely out of silver sequins. I think someone must have sent it by special delivery straight from the 70s. As in the era. After all of the ridiculous possibilities, she tried on a beret. It looked awesome. Berets don't suit me. They don't sit on my head properly. But it looked awesome on my Mom. So she bought it. When we go home my brother's told her that it looked silly. I hope that she doesn't get discouraged. Because I like the hat very much, particularly of my dearest Mothers fair head. 
So far in this blob  entry has covered hats & Momma. I think that I will save life for another day. I do have things to say on life. Philosophical things. Definitely, I will save them for another day. 

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