Saturday, 18 June 2011

I'm free(eeeeeeee)

This morning, I didn't wake up thinking about my lesson plans, 
or the resources that I need to make, 
or the photocopying that I need to do, 
or the lunch that I need to quickly make before I have to leave for school, 
or the googley eyes that I need to buy for my art lessons, 
or if the interactive whiteboard would be my friend today and do everything that I wanted to it, 
or any other thing relating to placement, 
or university, 
or generally any kind of work.

No, this morning I woke up at half past eight instead of half past six 
and probably didn't think of anything for a good thirty seconds.
It was glorious.
Today, even though today is a Saturday, marks the official start of my summer break.
I'm serious, rejoice.

So after my thirty seconds of no thinking, 
just breathing, 
I decided that I wanted to have a sausage sandwich for breakfast.
Then I started thinking about which book I wanted to start reading next, 
the places I want to go to and things that I want to photograph to try and teach myself how to be a better photo taker. 
(I use photo taker instead of photographer, because photographer makes me sound like a professional. 
Which, I am quite clearly not.)
I thought of the little place in Tong that I want to go to that sells the beautiful ice cream, 
and the number of times that I can go now that I'm free(eeeeee).
I thought about all the little trips I can take with the Mister, 
and all of the other little trips I can take with my friends whilst the Mister is at work.
I thought about all of the writing that I can do, 
and then in my head I started to sing "FREEDOM!"
You know, the George Michael song.

Summer break, welcome to my life.
I think your going to be good to me.

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