Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The one where I feel like a chick flick stereotype

I felt like I was living in a scene from a chick flick today.
I was basically the epitome of the girl-having-a-bad-day stereotype.

Our car broke down on my way to placement today.
So I had to call up and tell them that I wouldn't be in today. 
And it was only my second day.
So I had to turn round and very, very slowly try to make my way home.
Well, I made it home, but once I got back, I realised I needed to have the car towed to a garage.
So, I eventually made that happen and dropped the car off at the mechanics.
The car won't be ready until Thursday evening at least.
So then I walked the two miles home whilst playing a montage of all the things that had gone wrong today in my head.
Let me share a small selection of some of my moaning...
I complained to myself about the drizzle as I was walking, the stupid sandals that I was wearing, the £300 we'll have to pay to fix the car, how inconveniently timed this all was, how early I'll have to get up tomorrow to get a train or bus to my placement school in Dewsbury, how much I don't want to have to make up the day that I've missed in school today, what a lame excuse it is to say "oh sorry, I can't come in today, my car's broken" and other general negative, moan-y, whiney thoughts.
Then I got home, changed into my pjs, buried myself under my duvet and ate far too much ice cream.
Because that's what happens in girly films isn't it?
They have a bad day, where everything little thing goes wrong, then they come home and eat ice cream.
The only thing that could have possibly made it feel like I was living in a film even more, would have been if on my way home, I'd crossed a road, got the heel of my shoe stuck in some kind of grate whilst a massive lorry is hurtling towards me, only to be saved at the very last possible second by Matthew McConaughey or Gerard Butler.
Actually, that might have made my day significantly better. 

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