Tuesday, 14 June 2011


When I was a little chiddler, my Mom didn't really let me watch lots and lots of TV.
But it must have been enough for me to one day conjure up the idea that I wanted to sell lemonade from a little stall out on my street. 
I'm blaming this idea on watching TV, specifically American TV, because selling lemonade is something that a little English girl would have never thought of all by herself.

So yeah, one day I hauled my red plastic table out onto the driveway with my lemonade sign and set up shop.
Just for your mental picture, when I say that I was on the driveway, I mean that I was stood on the driveway but behind a closed gate because my Momma wouldn't let me go out onto the street by myself.
Also, for your mental picture, incase your imagining some big icy glass jug of traditional lemonade with real lemons in it and everything, all I had was a 2 litre bottle of fizzy lemonade from the shop.
I must have looked like a right idiot.
Me stood behind a closed gate with a bottle of lemonade asking every-single-person-that-passed if they wanted to buy a glass of lemonade off me.
Someone did though. 
Some kind and/or strange soul bought a glass of lemonade off me.
For 50p.
What a joke!

I don't know why I remembered this today, but when I did I laughed out loud and decided to share.
I think I must have been quite a peculiar child.
If this little memoir wasn't enough, this picture surely proves it.

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