Thursday, 9 June 2011


Well, my last post was all about me moaning/complaining/being a professional negative Nancy.
Well, today was a much better day, so combat all of the negative energy I put out into the world, I'm going to counterbalance it with a little list of simple happys.

1. Blueberries that are perfectly chilled from the fridge.
2. Coming home from school today with five kiddie-made cards that all said "Mrs Kerr I love you." 
Or variations of that at least. 
One said I really like you and one said I like your hair. 
For me, that basically equates to love.
3. Walking around the park in the cool evening sun with lots of lovely sisters.
4. Chip shop chips with lots of vinegar.
5. Opening my lunch box at school and seeing that Ross has individually wrapped each half of my sandwich in more tin foil than I would ever think was necessary.
6. Having got the car back a day earlier than we first thought.
7. Tron. Ross is watching this film & LOVING it.
8. Almost being half way through my placement.
9. Wearing a dress and lipstick and feeling like a real lady.
10. The orchid that Ross bought for me.
Although, he says that the orchid is a representation of my love for him, so I feel kinda pressured not to let it die....

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