Thursday, 30 June 2011

Recipe for a successful Tuesday

Listen carefully...
When it's a random Tuesday and you don't really have any plans, here is what to do.

1). Pick up one friend.
2). Take said friend to the home of another friend.
3). Gently force one of the friends to try sushi for the first time. 
It might be a bit scary at first, but its worth it. I promise.
4). While you wait for other friends to arrive, make banana bread.

meTvUl on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

5). Whilst the banana bread is cooking, dress up one of your friends in a snuggie.
You have to get them to put it on backwards, because then it looks like they're rocking a cloak.
Harry Potter stylee.
6). Get another friend to pretend to be Dobby the house elf (you can choose a different elf if you'd prefer) and take a photo.
 7). Once you have the photo, send the boys in the group to Asda to get supplies.
Whilst they're gone, make and eat sandwiches.
I would personally recommend cheese salad with hummus on brown bread.
8). Whilst your still waiting for the boys to get back, play the piano and have some sort of group sing-a-long.
 9). When the boys get back, jump into the hot tub and eat at least three ice lollies each.
One Vimto lolly, one Refresher lolly and one vanilla/toffee cone.
10). During your time in the hot tub encourage the entire group to speak in 'special' voices and use lots of hand gestures.
11). When it's time to go make sure that you have lots of good songs to play while you drive home.
Sing quite loudly to said songs throughout the journey.
12). Pick up your hubs from work/
call in at Costco/
drop one friend off at her house/
go home and make tomato risotto.
 13). Go to the driving range with your hubs.
13b). Take lots of photos of him.
14). Go home and sleep for at least eight hours.


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