Tuesday, 19 July 2011

34: Check

Done. Check. Completed. Crossed off the list.
I did the first thing of my grand old to do list last week.
I went to see Harry Potter at one minute past midnight on its opening night.

I remember when the final book came out my and my Mom went to queue up in Asda at midnight, so that I could start reading straight away.
I even made her buy two copies, because there was no way that I was going to stop reading it so that she could start. 
(I'm a selfish book reader, so what?)
And then on the way home I made her drive with the in car light on, so that I could start reading it out loud straight away.
I finished reading that last Harry Potter within 24 hours or buying it.
I didn't sleep much and then months later I couldn't actually remember the story that well, but whatever, I had read it.
Practically inhaled it actually.

So when the film came out last week, I had the same reckless enthusiasm for seeing it.
I was even geek enough to have a scar drawn on my forehead for the occassion.
I booked my tickets, 
stood in line, 
admired some people's costumes 
(I'm not brave enough for a costume...an eye liner scar drawn on my forehead was about the most daring thing I've ever done), 
bought pick and mix, 
wished that the trailers would hurry up, 
whooped when Ron & Hermione kissed, 
cried when Fred died, 
clapped when the film finished, 
waited for all of the credits to roll in case there was a little secret bit to play at the end (there wasn't) 
and then talked about it all for an hour after as we made our way home.

And I would pretty much say that the entirety of the effort was completely worth it.

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  1. I waited till the end as well - and the girl went THERES NO SECRET BITS YOU KNOW...i was hurt lol I also remember the ASDA ques and waiting to pick up the book. Ahh good memories...