Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Yes, I am wearing my pretentious pants today and using French words in my regular everyday speech. 
C'est bon, non?

Today I'm hatin' on....
Aching feet,
whiney toddlers,
a slight altercation with the car
and strawberry juice on my white top.

It's not all bad though.
Today I'm loving...
coming home to the smell of jacket potatoes in the oven, 
affectionate toddlers, 
helium balloons
and Harry Potter. Tomorrow. Midnight. BOOM.


  1. Spilling thing again lovely :( And you're going to see Harry Potter without us... lameo. Ha ha.
    C x
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  2. Love the new look. I'm just wondering what jacket potatoes are. Do tell!

  3. I never realised jacket potatoes was an English term...they're just baked potatoes, but with a different name apparently. Not very exciting, huh?