Monday, 11 July 2011

L for Love (and Lincoln)

If anyone was to ask me where I would love to visit, and they mean anywhere, I would probably say somewhere like Mexico, or Brazil, or Paris or Venice.
Basically, I'm pretty certain that I would not say anywhere in England.
Probably not even anywhere in the UK.
And I was thinking about that fact the other day, and I realised just how ridiculous that was.
England is awesome.
Sure, it rains a lot, but that's why it's so lusciously green everywhere. 
To say that I've lived on this little island all my life, there's a lot of England that I've never been to.
Big cities, small villages and all the green in between.
So I'm going to show England a little bit more love, because blimey, this little country I call home is spiffing.
(I felt that seeing as I getting all patriotic up in here, I needed to throw in a couple of very English words.)

So, I went to Lincoln a few weekends ago.
I'd never been before, so I jumped on the idea as soon as it was mentioned
And honestly, it's beautiful.
The cathedral. Wow.
I'm pretty sure they filmed some of the Harry Potter films there and you can see it from twenty five miles away. (So I'm told.)
There are also lots of hills, some cobbled streets and one of those places were you put you feet in a tank and the fish nibble your feet. (That was another first for the weekend.)
There were people giving out free hugs, some randomers on stilts and more randomers dressed as snails, fruit stalls that were selling two melons for 60p and an awesome vintage shop...amongst other things.
Really, apart from my brief sulk when Ross put ketchup all over our chips (not a fan by the way) it was a lovely, lovely day.

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