Sunday, 7 August 2011

A continual search for balance

In the past I have fallen into one of two categories.
1). Insanely, possibly even manically busy.
Sometimes I give myself lists of jobs that I have to do, that day.
I choose to say 'give myself jobs' rather than just work through a list of stuff that I have to do, because like I already said, when I'm busy, I get manic/insane.
If I have an essay to write, I'll make a list of everything that I need to do to get it done.
Just usual stuff like...
- make a note of which books I need from the library
- get said books from the library
- find quotes/things to cite
- etc, etc.
And then I'll add on stuff like...
- do the food shopping
- clean the bathroom
- put on a load of white washing
- empty the bin
- etc, etc.
Stuff that I could deffo put off doing whilst I spend time working on my essay.
But I add it on anyway.
And if I don't get everything on my list done that day, I feel like I've let myself down.

The second category that I often fall into is
2). Completely lazy bum.
This is pretty self explanatory, but I mean to the extreme.
I'll sleep long past the time that Ross has gotten up and gone to work and then when I do get up, I'll just transfer myself from the bed to the sofa and catch up on Come Dine With Me.
All day.
And then it'll get to the end of the day and I'll realise that I've literally done nothing more than vegetate on the sofa and I'll feel terrible.
Like I've let myself down.

Now, I realise that these are two pretty extreme situations and even though I do find myself in either one of them fairly regularly, my life isn't like that all time.
What makes me happiest is when I have a balance between the two.
So after some subconscious doing and some very conscious thinking, I came up with a list of things.
A list of things that if I just complete each day, I can feel like I've achieved something. 
If I have nothing to do one day, I can make sure I do these things and the day isn't wasted.
If I have loads to do each day, I can just quickly work through this list and then anything else that I manage to do is a bonus.
Either way its win/win.

So because I'm in a giving mood today, here's my list.
1). Wash my face. 
(It probably seems like a weird thing to have one my list, but if I'm feeling particularly lazy in the morning, I skip this off and if I've had a hectic day I go to bed without doing it.)
2). Say a prayer of gratitude.
3). Search for truth. 
4). Go to bed with a sink empty of dirty dishes.
5). Take a photograph. 
One at least, more if I get the chance.
6). Spend some time outside.
Even just taking out the rubbish counts, because I've found if I literally stay inside all day I start to get cabin fever. A little bit.
7). Make dinner
8). Spend some time with Ross.

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