Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Watching the people get lairy

It's not very pretty I tell thee.
The Kaiser Cheifs were pretty much on the money when they predicted a riot.

I can not believe the disarray in my beautiful England right now.
Riots, looting, fires, fighting, general disrespect.
It makes me sick.
How can people think that its ok to set fire to cars, houses, business', police stations and all manner of other things?
Who told them that its alright to smash the windows of every shop they see and just help themselves to whatever they find inside?
They complain that its because the government is crap and they have no money for stuff, but how can they not see that their actions are destroying the livelihood of others?
And since when was stuff the most important thing anyway?

It's not a case of Robin Hood syndrome.
You know, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, all in the name of justice and fairness.
It's the selfless and the brainless taking from the hard working and giving to themselves. 
There's nothing just of fair about these peoples actions at all.

I am a proud Englishwoman.
England is my beautiful, green, hilly home.
It breaks my heart to see people senselessly, heartlessly and brainlessly trashing it, 
and it makes me ashamed to say that the people that are doing it are English too.


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  1. Thinking about you! Hope things calm down soon, and that you and your family are alright!

    This is Kara, by the way, my computer is only letting me comment anonymously. boo.