Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Lady Gaga should be proud

I am getting better and better annoyingly answering Amy's questions with questions.
I'm glad actually, because Amy's answers are getting better and better too.
Or maybe it's the questions that are good in the first place.
Either way, this is our conversation from earlier.

Amy: What is God's favourite song?
(She goes to a Catholic school so talks about God a lot.
Apparently God's taste in music is not on the curriculum.)
Me: What do you think God's favourite song is?
Amy: Probably Lady Gaga.
The 'rah rah ah ah aahh' one.
Me: What 'Bad Romance'? I don't think it would be that one.
Amy: What about bad boys then? (Alexandra Burke)
Me: Hard to say. 
Could be either.
Why don't you ask your new teacher when you go back to school next week?

Apparently I'm also learning the fine art of passing along children's unanswerable/awkward/embarrassing questions (unanswerable in this case) off to other people too. 
Nannying is teaching me so many valuable skills.

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