Sunday, 14 August 2011

Weekend wrap up in 5

1). A typical gray day in England made more exciting by going go karting.
Apart from it was boys only, so I wasn't actually allowed to go near a go kart.
I spent the afternoon cooing over baby Hudson instead, which was actually very fine by me, 
thank you very much. 
2). We went bowling and because the bowling alley in Grimsby is small/slightly still in the dark ages, I had to play with the bumpers down.
I felt like a proper adult - I normally play with bumpers up, because I am bad (BAD) at bowling.
And then after such a personal triumph, after the game had ended I even bowled a cheeky extra ball down our lane. 
I'm all about thrill seeking y'know.
3). We went to a wedding on Saturday.
Our friends Dave & Rosie got married and it was so beautiful.
I practically ODed over all of the gorgeous cupcakes, flowers, colours and food.
Congrats Mr & Mrs Lawrance. 
4). This nacho salad was as good to eat as it looks.
I think the perfect accompaniment to good food is even better company.
Grays, Boome, hurry your buns up and move over here already.
I'm giddy to have you as possible neighbours.
5). If you can guess what this is a picture of, you can have 100 points.
And what do points make?

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  1. Is it a Chinese lantern? :) loving your blogs!!