Friday, 26 August 2011

This is a story about a girl named Lucky

Yes, that is me quoting Britney.
Embrace it & love it.

Ross worked a long day yesterday.
Thirteen hours.

When he got home, he gave me a massive hug, kissed my forehead and then this is what went down.

Ross: "Let me just quickly get changed 
and then I'll come through and give you a massage."
Me: "'ve just worked a thirteen hour day, 
it should be me giving you a massage."
Ross: "Ahh, I'm alright, 
but when I spoke to you on the phone earlier, 
you sounded sad, 
so I wanted to do something nice to make you happy."

This is why I'm Lucky. 

PS. Does it make me a bad wife if even after a 13 hour working day I let him give me a half an hour long massage?


  1. I think i'm emotional right now, this made me cry haha. SO not mean, if he wanted to do it for you, then I say let him.


  2. half an hour?! Lucky girl! Scott and I both usually get lazy after about 6 minutes!

  3. Can you get Ross to have a word with Dev please? LOL XxX