Friday, 5 August 2011


British summers are famous for being...
how can I put it...
poor, disappointing, pants, rubbish, crap...
Choose any of the above, they are all adequate and accurate descriptions.
But even more certain than our let down summers are the conversations that surround them.
Us Brits can quite often be an awkward nation, so when we get stuck during a conversation, we talk about the weather.
"It's meant to be a heatwave this summer."
"Yeah, I hear it's going to be the hottest since records began."
"Finally, a proper BBQ summer."
Then inevitably the heatwave never comes, the BBQ's never happen and the temperatures aren't even worth recording.
So then we turn into a nation of moaners.
"What happened to this heatwave that we were meant to have?"
"There's absolutely no chance of having a BBQ. It'd definitely rain. Or at least be cloudy."
And once the moaning starts, it never stops. 
Even if we have nice weather. 
In fact, especially if we have nice weather!
One optimistic soul will say...
"Nice weather we're having at the minute."
"Ohhh, no it's too hot."
"No, this is sticky weather, it's not nice heat."
"But it's not hot like abroad hot, this is muggy."
"It's too humid. My clothes are sticking to me. It's making me sweaty."

Well, I say make the most of this kinda sunny weather we're having right now, because before you know, it'll be snowing and we'll complaining about the cold.

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  1. haha! Love this. We Arizonans complain about the weather all.summer.long. I did on my blog this morning. It's basically 4-5 months of "it's tooooo hoooottttt!" Over and over again.