Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A lesson in tact and imagination

It's probably a universally accepted fact that children are hilarious.
The two that I work with are absolute crack ups. 
Being all young and innocent (usually) they are lacking in tact.
(As a side note, I remember when I learnt what the word tact meant. 
I was probably about nine years old and my Mum had just told me for telling my Uncle that if he carried on smoking he would DIE!)
Anyways, back to a more current story.
Yesterday, we're walking around the park and a man with a half sleeve tattoo is walking towards us.
Amy notices it as he's about two meters in front of us and then looks up at me, then back to the tattooed guy, points her finger and then very loudly declares...
 "he is a very bad man!"
I squeeze her hand and quietly shush her whilst offering the tattooed man an apologetic smile, and then she says...
"WHAAAT?! Look at all of his DIRTY tattoos.
That means that he is a BAD man!"
Que me quickly dragging her away before she opens her mouth again.

Fast forward half an hour and we're back at home.
I climb the two flights of stairs up to her room, where I find her wearing a purple dressing up outfit with matching high heels in her bedroom.
I stand outside her door for a minute and listen to what she's doing.
I peek around the door and see her twirling and spinning around her bedroom.
"I wandering and spinning through this magical forest.
The birds are singing and everything is just wonderful.
Oh no! I've fallen over a baby squirrel."
Que her dramatically falling to the floor with her hand resting on her forehead.
"Where or where is my handsome Prince Charming."
It was at this point she noticed me watching her.
I was kinda disappointed that the show was over.
So I took her downstairs and put on another Disney film and hoped that she would get inspiration for the next time she dresses up and pops off into her little imagination.

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  1. oh man, she sounds like a darling. I about died from cute overload a couple of weeks ago babysitting my nieces. But I also died from stress/lack of sleep overload, so it balances out?