Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Yes, that is me quoting Elton John.
I'm all about using lyrics as song titles apparently.
I promise that I'll make it stop soon.

So, like I already mentioned (three times actually) today is Saturday.
That means that its the weekend.
And this weekend is particularly sweet, because its an extra day long.
All praise the hallowed bank holiday.
Whoop whoop.

Ross is on call for work today.
Sad face for him.
But I'm not letting him drag my weekend down with his.
So I've made plans that involve me going to York, 
eating Chinese food, 
seeing my family,
and hopefully getting a better picture of York Minster than this.

Although with the weather today, I doubt that will happen.
No matter, here's to a rockin' weekend.

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