Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Academic ramblings

Dinner tonight consisted of tea with chocolate spread.
I think that that is the only acceptable dinner to have when you get in from the library after eight.
That is something that has never happened before.
Get in from the library after eight I mean.
My mind is a messed up compilation of literature for my dissertation, 
theories of leadership and teams, 
the Key Stage Two Framework for Languages, 
and the first two paragraphs of a French presentation that I've managed to memorise.
I think I even dreamt in French for the first time last night.
I didn't even know that I knew enough French to have an entire dream spoken in it.
The mind truly boddles.
Anyways, things in my head are getting far too academic for one night, so I'm going to go have a long shower and watch TOWIE. (Total guilty pleasure - shuttup!)

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  1. No need to feel guilty about that pleasure :) I LOVE a bit of Essex!!!