Thursday, 10 November 2011

Life according to my iphone

Quick catch up of my week via instagram & twitter. 
Last weeks catch up here.

"Came home from uni to see this attached to the door. The cheek of that boy!"

"He's forgiven. He'd booked a table at the Olive Tree."

"I'm considering buying a Russian hat..."

"Beyonce has just given me a massive pep talk. Who runs the world?"

"Walking through campus and can hear the dance of the sugarplum fairies playing somewhere. Very strange but kind of magical."

"Craving nandos so much right now. I need some piri piri in my blood."

"Now that I've finished reading the hunger games I have no choice to do my uni work. Starting tomorrow."

"Fireworks going off to the Harry Potter theme! Erm...bonfire night perfection."

"Literally just googled how to write a literature review. Times are hard friends."


  1. Loving the glittery nail varnish! My Christmas list contains many a Barry m nail paint :-)

  2. I love, love all your pics! I just surprised my husband with a copy of Modern Warfare 3 today. So I'm sure there is a lot of shushing and ignoring me in my near future, and I brought it all on my self!