Thursday, 3 November 2011

Opposites attract?

Sometimes I think that Ross & I are strangely similar.
But more often than that I'm astounded at how astronomically different we are.
But different in a good way.
Different in a 'we complete each other' (s'cuse the cheese) kind of way.
Like he's good at talking to people and I'm good at reading people.
I drink a lot with my meal and he hardly drinks anything, so by the time I'm done with my drink, he happily hands over the rest of his.
You know, the little things?

And there are loads of little things like this, 
but there is one difference that drives me crazy.

I (by my own observation) am quite tactful and sensitive.
Ross can be, but mostly he doesn't think before he speaks.
He never upsets people, 
I just mean that he often makes situations really awkward by saying the wrong thing.
And here's the thing that I really hate.

When he's putting his foot right in it, if I can, I'll give his hand a squeeze or his shin a gentle kick.
You know, just your standard "your making this person really embarrassed, please stop speaking NOW" signal.
But Ross, in his marvellously untactful way, 
will very loudly say;
"OW! Becky what are you kicking me for?"
Or "babe, why are you squeezing my hand?"
Which definitely makes everything so.much.more.awkward.

Kind of like when you point out to someone that they're blushing and it does nothing more than make them go more red.
Pointless and embarrassing.

Anyways, I'm not really sure where I'm going with this....
But does anyone else's other half do this?

(Also, I apologise for just saying 'my other half'...
...I'm cringing at myself.)

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  1. Scott and I are definitely opposites! But like you said, we're the same too. It's strange. But anyway, sometimes when Scott is saying something awkward/embarrassing in public (usually just our families) I never know how to react, so sometimes I end up trying to explain what he was saying, in a better way. He probably hates it. I know I would!