Monday, 14 November 2011

Grey day

I stole a peek out the window at uni late this afternoon at the grim, 
grim sky overhead and it hurt me. 
The sky is hurting my feelings. 
So desperately grey and so...loomy.
So very loomy.
Like the clouds are so thick that you could throw a few small objects up at them and they would bounce right back down.
And probably hit you square in the kisser.
But the grey, loomy clouds didn't matter today, 
because by the time I was really paying attention to them, 
my French presentation was done.
That means I can free up the entire section of brain-space that was dedicated to learning my presentation and I can start to fill it up with something else.
Maybe I could fill it with some camera information and finally learn what the heck aperture and an f-stop is?
Or maybe some delicious wintery soup recipes.
Mmm, that's a definite possibility.
Or maybe I could just leave it empty.
Just for a little while anyway.

1 comment:

  1. :) I like this post. I say let that spot stay empty... at least for a bit. You've earned it!