Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A week in social media

I'm so busy nowadays that a little structure around these parts won't go amiss - 
One day a week when I don't have to think of what to write, I can just upload pictures and copy in some tweets.
So, a small insight into my week with the help of instagram and twitter, my two favourite apps.


29th October: Toffee apples are so much better than normal apples.

27th October: This (^^) is what forced productivity looks like. 


28th October: Huzzah! I can almost breathe through my nose again.

26th October: I've now blown my nose so much today that I'm having an actual nosebleed.


31st October: I'm not complaining, merely observing, but it's strangely warm today.

1st Novemeber: A long, warm shower and and an early night cosied up in bed reading is just what the doctor ordered.

2nd November: I just finished reading the first book in 'The Hunger Games' series and I'm an absolute wreck.

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