Tuesday, 29 November 2011


It is a drowsy dreary day out in Leeds today.
Although the day started with hope blowing in the breeze, it has ended badly.
I'm talking about the weather, by the way.
After a practically apocalyptic rain/wind frenzy 
(the trampoline in the back garden was picked up and blown into the fence!!) 
and another colossal library stint this afternoon, 
I am collapse-on-the-bed kind of tired.
It is taking all of my mental effort to write this and I'm asking myself why bother?
I should just go to sleep.
My brain is asleep already. 
The rest of my body is not far behind.
And I have to be at work early tomorrow!
I start at half 7 anyway and they want me there early?
It's a good job that I got two firsts this week.
Oh what, that statement has nothing to do with what I was talking about?
I know, I just wanted to declare it.
I am all kinds of proud.
You see those socks in the picture?
Ross got them for me for Christmas last year.
They are my favourites.
I know that Ross has some Christmas presents hidden in his drawers.
It is taking all of my will power not to tear through those drawers and give myself an early Christmas.
I am tired.
And I can not be held resonsible for what I blog about when tired.
Which is why I'm about to tell you that whenever I make a bagel and give half to Ross, I always keep the fatter half for myself.
That is probably why I am the fatter half out of the two of us.
I am tired, so will finally bid you a goodnight.

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