Wednesday, 23 November 2011


At uni I'm a primary school teacher with a  French specialism. 
(Note, this does not mean I am fluent...I wish!)
And I'm all about making culture a massive part of language lessons.
A big part of that is dispelling stereotypes.
So when people say that Amsterdam smells like a weed and everyone cycles everywhere, I thought that that was the Dutch equivalent of people saying that English people wear top hats and monocles and only eat roast beef. 
Apparently I was mistaken.
Because Amsterdam literally does smell of weed.
Very strongly.
And there are cyclist everywhere.
Infact, after we got off the coach, we saw a cyclist face plant into the road right in front of us. 
True story.
He wasn't even wearing a helmet.
He was ok though, just really embarrassed I think.
Another true story, we saw a Momma cycling along with a bubba boy in her front basket and a bigger bubba stood balanced on the seat behind her.
It was like a circus act.
I wish that I'd have taken a picture.
Anyways, I absolutely loved Amsterdam.
Such a beautiful city.
The canals and the tall skinny buildings were exactly how I imagined they would be.
Also, don't you think that I would make an excellent cheese lady?! ^^^^

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