Monday, 7 November 2011

Bonfizzle Nizzle

I have always liked to look at fireworks.
But for as long as I have liked them, I have equally hated the loud noise that they make.
I'm a complete whimp when it comes to loud noises - 
even when a car with a stupidly big exhaust drives past and makes a lot of noise I can a little bit scared - 
but that is besides the point.

I remember as a wee girl either staying inside and watching fireworks from the window 
or standing in front of my Dad and making him cover my ears.
But after the fist minute of flinching and wincing at the bangs so loud you can feel them vibrating in your chest on Friday, I was cured.
I think the fact that they timed the fireworks to the theme tunes of Harry Potter (genius idea!), The Pirates of the Caribbean and ET seriously helped, because the melodies distracted me from the actual bangs.

Also, as two side notes, 1. How beautiful is the light from the bonfire?
And 2. After a minor dispute and a quick google search, I can confirm that between Ross & I, I am always right - we have fire on bonfire night because of the gunpowder plot, not because Guy Fawkes was burnt to death as punishment.
If you're bothered he was actually hung, drawn and quarter, which to me actually sounds much worse, 
but please don't sign me up for either.

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